Delts Summer 2019

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CONTACT & Apply!

Applications for 2019 summer housing are open!

If you have any questions, please email dtd-summer@mit.edu, we can’t wait to hear from you!

So you're looking for housing, huh? Well we're here for you!

A message from the Summer House Managers:

This summer, Delta Tau Delta fraternity is looking for friendly boarders who want to share our beautiful Back Bay brownstone and all that Boston has to offer. Located on Beacon Street, we are within a few blocks of the Esplanade Greenway, Boston Commons, Fenway Park, Kenmore Square, Newbury Street, the subway, and MIT. We have everything you need to have a fantastic summer! 


We provide a comfortable home with open communal spaces and fully furnished rooms. Our boarders will have access to a large charcoal grill, 65 inch TV with hundreds of DirecTV channels, a fully equipped kitchen, and laundry. The luxurious roof deck, which overlooks the Charles River, will also be open for responsible use. Boston's Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular are launched from right in front of the house! See this video of last year's show, recorded from our roof deck (taken with a wide-angle lens, so it looks farther than it actually is)! 

We also have a video house tour available upon request :)

Looking forward to meeting you!

Rex Stockham and George Roudebush - Summer House Managers 2019


Come live with us!

During the summer, the majority of the brothers move out, leaving lots of space for you! We have lots of rooms you can stay in, ranging in size from doubles (2 person room) to quints (5 person room)!

416 Beacon Street

The Delta Tau Delta fraternity house is a beautiful brownstone located in Boston's Back Bay at 416 Beacon Street. The great location provides easy access to the Prudential Center, Boston Commons, Fenway Park, Kenmore and Hynes Convention Center T stops, and MIT.

Two summer boarders hanging out on the roof deck during Delts Summer 2017.

Two summer boarders hanging out on the roof deck during Delts Summer 2017.


Over the summer, you will have access to the TV room with a 65-inch TV, pool table, and piano. There is a ping pong table and bar downstairs. We have a fully equipped kitchen and laundry room. All rooms are furnished with full/double or twin size beds, dressers, and closet space. Many brothers also leave their mini-fridges and TVs for summer residents to use. All rooms have high speed internet and the option of DirecTV. Roofdeck equipped with tables, chairs, couches, and a hammock.

An old picture of the TV room, which now includes a 70-inch TV, couches, pool table, and piano.

An old picture of the TV room, which now includes a 70-inch TV, couches, pool table, and piano.

House Rules

Move in day is Monday, May 27, and move out day is Sunday, August 18. These dates can be moved by a day or two, given special circumstances. Summer renters are allowed to have guests over, within reason. Renters are responsible for the actions of their guests. Renters are responsible for the cleanliness of their own rooms.

Common areas, kitchen, and bathrooms will be cleaned by brothers throughout the week. Additional details will be provided by the summer house manager on move in day.

A 360-degree shot of the foyer

A 360-degree shot of the foyer


Rental rates for summer 2019 are:

Double: 3200$

Triple: 2800$

Quad: 2300$

Quint: 2200$

Prices are per-person and are for the entire summer, Monday May 28 - Sunday August 19. Move in and move out dates can be flexible in special circumstances at the discretion of the summer house manager. Prices cannot be pro-rated for a shorter stay.

A non-refundable housing deposit of $800 is required to guarantee housing. This will be returned to you at the end of the summer minus any unpaid rent or damages.

The rental rate includes utilities and full access to all amenities described above. It also includes basic necessities (toilet paper, cleaning supplies, tide pods for laundry, dryer sheets, etc.) and basic food items (pasta, spices, bagels).

A fully furnished quint with lofted beds, couches, desks, and closet space.

A fully furnished quint with lofted beds, couches, desks, and closet space.

A cozy double with a river view.

A cozy double with a river view.


We have 2 street parking spots available for rent. Spaces are rented to the highest bidder (bidding starts at $800 for the whole summer).

More Pictures / Information

We also have a video house tour available upon request :)

FAQ/Fast Facts

Room Types

Room Type Double Triple Quad Quint
Price for whole summer per bed $3200 $2800 $2300 $2200
Air Conditioning
High-Speed Wireless Internet
High-Speed Wired (Ethernet) Internet Upon Request


Is Housing Co-Ed?

Yes! Over the summer, we accept all genders into our house. However, your roommates will all be the same gender unless otherwise requested.


Yes! Boston gets pretty hot and humid over the summer, so your price includes a window AC for your room and all utilities. However, we ask that you turn it off if nobody will be in your room for a while, so we can conserve power :).


We have 2 washers and 2 dryers in the basement. Over the summer, we will also provide Tide Pods and dryer sheets (within reason). If you're here because don't know how to use a washing machine or dryer, watch this...


Good question! First, we've been doing this for a long time, and we are always willing to work with you to improve our housing. One of our boarders from last year summed it up pretty well:
You get what you pay for: awesome people, awesome views and a short walk to everything! -Summer 2016 Boarder


Back bay has tons of great restaurants, and there is a Trader Joes and Star Market within walking distance of the house to get groceries.